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Sell car broker

In 2013, we were the first truly independent (purchase and sale) car broker in the Netherlands and are dyed in the wool. What does that mean? That you can count on the best price for your car and on a transparent and smooth sales process. You offer, we sell.

The sales car broker ensures a quick sale
Selling a car doesn't have to be difficult. Our sales car brokers know better than anyone what it takes to sell a car. That means you can count on a quick sale without tedious negotiations or annoying discussions with potential buyers. Thanks to almost thirty years of experience and various training and courses, we know the ropes.

Sales car broker Beentjes & Fox provides:

  • fair pricing
    We strive for the highest possible yield, without pricing your car out of the market
  • perfect photography and description of your car
    We provide transparent and honest information, but of course emphasize the advantages of the car to be sold
  • attention in the right places
    Sales car broker Beentjes & Fox provides the perfect online presentation on our own website and on all well-known occasion websites

In short, sales car broker Beentjes & Fox takes care of. You can rely on our knowledge. This not only ensures a good price for your car, it also saves you time. Of course, sales car broker Beentjes & Fox will keep you informed of developments between all steps.

Looking for the party to sell your car? Sales car broker Beentjes & Fox is ready for you!

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