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Make use of the expertise of purchasing car broker Beentjes & Fox.

Purchase car broker

With our independent and transparent assistance as a purchase car broker, you can be sure that the car to be purchased is what you are looking for, that there are no technical defects, that the price offered is in line with the market and our expertise also makes the negotiation with the selling party a lot easier. . You ask, we deliver.

The purchase car broker that thinks along
We like to think along when it comes to the purchase of a new car. Both technically and financially. As a purchase car broker, we ensure that you can be sure of a technically good car for the right price.

Purchase car broker Beentjes & Fox stands for:

  • independent and transparent advice
    We are not brand bound and share all relevant information with our client
  • technical knowledge
    The professionals in our team have a huge knowledge of all car brands
  • knowledge of the market
    We have been working in this industry for decades and know the ropes
  • professional valuations
    We come up with targeted price advice
  • a flawless car history system

With our system we can check the damage history and the owner history and verify the mileage

Purchasing car broker Beentjes & Fox takes care of everything. You can rely on our knowledge. This not only guarantees you a good quality car, it also saves you time and money. Buying car broker Beentjes & Fox will of course keep you informed of developments between all steps. And even after delivery, we remain available for you if you have any questions or need additional advice.

Looking for a new car? Purchase car broker Beentjes & Fox is ready for you!

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