Selling a car is a hassle. At least for a layman.

Because how do you write professional ad copy? And do you have the answer to technical questions or questions about, for example, the maintenance cycle? Do you fancy people at the door and taking care of test drives? Not? Then go for the car sales service from Beentjes & Fox.

Car sales service

The Beentjes and Fox team knows the automotive industry inside and out. And we have all the knowledge - both financial and technical and in the field of sustainability - in-house. That means that we can offer the perfect car sales service. We provide the most optimal presentation of your car, for serious interested parties and ditto bids and ultimately just for a good deal. You don't have to worry about it.

Personal contact
Numerous parties can be found online who promise to sell your car within a day and for the highest price. We prefer personal contact. With you and with the person who will soon buy your car. The car sales service Beentjes & Fox takes care of

  • fair pricing
    We strive for the highest possible yield, without pricing your car out of the market
  • perfect photography and description of your car
    We provide transparent and honest information, but of course emphasize the advantages of the car to be sold
  • attention in the right places
    car sales service Beentjes & Fox provides the perfect online presentation on our own website and on all well-known used car websites

The car sales service that takes care of everything
In short, car sales service Beentjes & Fox takes care of it. Lean on our knowledge and ensure yourself of the best price for your car, without worries. We will of course keep you fully informed of developments during the sales process.

Looking for the party to sell your car? Car sales service Beentjes & Fox is ready for you!

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