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Are you ready for a new car? Then you probably want to sell your current car first. When you leave the sale of your car to Beentjes & Fox, you are assured of the best price and a quick sale of your car. Easy, fast and without worries.

Car sales

There are many parties on the internet who promise to sell your car within a day and for the highest price. We prefer personal contact. With you and with the person who will soon buy your car. The car sales service Beentjes & Fox takes care of

  • fair pricing
  • perfect photography and description of your car
  • a stimulating presentation on all relevant car sites

About selling your car through Beentjes & Fox
Our car dealership was founded in 2013 and since then we have sold thousands of cars of all brands and in every price range for our customers. We maintain our independence, are always clear and transparent and - perhaps more importantly - we have a deep-rooted ambition to provide old-fashioned service.

Car sales via Beentjes & Fox in short:

  • independent and transparent advice
  • technical knowledge
  • knowledge of the market
  • professional valuations
  • a flawless car history system
  • checking the conditions set by the seller

In short, sell your car quickly and easily via Beentjes & Fox. Lean on our knowledge and ensure yourself of the best price for your car, without worries. We will of course keep you informed of developments during the sales process.

Looking for the party to sell your car? The Beentjes & Fox team is ready for you!

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