If you buy a house, you engage a broker. Why not do that when buying a car?

An auto broker basically does the same as a home broker. You can count on guidance in searching, finding, buying or selling a car. Automakelaar Beentjes & Fox is ready for you!

Auto broker

The auto switch helps with:

  • preparing and checking the price
  • searching for a car (car broker purchase)
  • finding a buyer (selling car broker)
  • the negotiations

In other words: car broker Beentjes & Fox relieves customers in the IJmond and Beverwijk region. You can rely on our knowledge and count on a lucrative purchase or sale of your car. It goes without saying that car broker Beentjes & Fox will keep you informed of developments between all steps.

About car broker Beentjes & Fox
Our company was founded in 2013 and was the first car broker in the Netherlands. As a car specialist with almost thirty years of experience, we know exactly what is going on in this industry. We provide independent and transparent advice and have the deep-rooted ambition to provide old-fashioned service.

Automakelaar Beentjes & Fox in short:

  • independent and transparent advice
  • technical knowledge
  • knowledge of the market
  • professional valuations
  • a flawless car history system
  • checking the conditions set by the seller

We work as a purchase car broker and as a sales car broker. Both for the private as well as for the business market. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience and built up a large network at home and abroad. We like to help you. And good too. Knowing more?
Let your car dealers advise you.

Looking for a new car? Or do you want to sell your car? Automakelaar Beentjes & Fox is ready for you!

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